Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2015


In the Greek crisis Brussels makes a mediation attempt at the last minute. If the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras today accepting the offer the financiers for an austerity package and advertising for a 'yes' in the referendum, the way for another euro zone finance ministers meeting could be paved, it said in EU circles.

The Greek debt crisis brings n-tv today at 12.30 clock, 13.30 clock to 14.30 clock a News Special entitled "war of nerves to Greece".
The assurance of Tsipras to austerity package needed to go to the President of the European Commission and the Euro Group, Jean-Claude Juncker and Jeroen Dijsselbloem, as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande, it said. The Greek government officials left the negotiations on the package last Friday immediately prior to the announcement of the referendum.

The same had already proposed on Monday Tsipras - but with different sign. "Let them agree (our suggestions), and we will pay in the morning," Tsipras said in Athens.

The renewed request from Athens for a short-term extension of the aid program "for a few days" had been rejected by the EU heads of state and government by pointing out that Greece could apply for new aid. In this case, the Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble had already announced that "negotiations but from scratch" would then begin, "because this program that we had, ending Tuesday evening, and also the foundation is then withdrawn".

Greens call for special summit

In Germany, the parties disagree as to how to proceed with Greece. While the Green leader Cem Özdemir later this week called for a special meeting of EU leaders, advocates Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Söder for an orderly Grexit. He believes that "a deliberate exit plan at the end the best way for both sides", the CSU politician said in Germany radio.

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Anders Özdemir: ". I advise to reason all pages must be made up again and try to find a solution", the Green Party urged on n-tv. He cautioned against believing, for a Euro-From Athens everything would be better. "One must not forget that even if Greece knocked out of the euro zone - it however remains in the EU as a country with probably dramatic problems numbers we will anyway, so cheaper it will not...

In Greece, banks and stock exchanges are closed until early next week. In recent days, more and more frightened citizens had raised cash and thus brought the financial institutions in difficulty. At ATMs Greeks must stand since Monday a maximum of 60 euros per day, but for foreign bank cards limitation shall not apply. However, if the ATMs are empty, they also get nothing. Therefore, the German Foreign Office German Greek visitors had advised, take sufficient cash.